Second month of Dungeon Madness

Oh man, I didn’t forget to update my blog! Currently, I haven’t been working on anything specific (mainly because of Diablo 3), but I have to learn Python + Django, CSS and HTML slicing from Photoshop for my internship during summer.

To those, that are interested in some statistics:
- 25,978 active installs
- 69,129 total installs
- 6,267 reviews with average rating of 4.12

I think it is rather interesting, that average time to complete Part 1 of the game takes 11,887 seconds, which is about 3 hours and 18 minutes, Part 2 takes 13,652 seconds to complete on average, which is around 3 hours and 47 minutes. About 6 750 people have completed the Part 1 of the game (Part 1 used to be the whole game, Part 2 is DLC content), that means about 10% of the people that install the game invest more than 3 hours into it! I think that’s really amazing. Part 2 was completed about 800 times, which is not that much, so I don’t think expanding the game level-wise is necessary. Of course there is a lot of people, who play without internet connection to avoid ads, which means that a lot more people could have completed the game.

Worrying part is: I’m not really able to monetize the game very well and I would like to experiment a little with it.

I started messing around with an iOS version and already bought a developer licence. But since I don’t have my own iOS device, I’m not able to debug why application crashes on start (it crashes only on physical device, in emulator everything runs smooth), which means I have to wait, until I get hands on physical iOS device.

posted 3 weeks ago

First month of Dungeon Madness

I kinda forgot to post statistics after three weeks. Anyway, here are stats after first month. Worrying thing is, today Dungeon Madness is not anymore in ‘Top New Free’ and installs have fell by huge amount.

- 16,684 active installs
- 33,865 total installs
- 2,462 reviews with average rating of 4.17

I think it’s interesting by how much has this app grown by those two weeks. But I also think it has ended. We’ll see…

See ya!

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Second week of Dungeon Madness

Dungeon Madness is awesome. I mean really. It just is.

- 1,990 active installs
- 3,510 total installs
- 328 ratings with average rating of 4.55

This game has totally beaten Meteorites and Air Dance by huge amount. And all it took it was two weeks. Amazing.

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First week of Dungeon Madness

Hell guys, I can’t believe this!

I would never expect download count this high, anyway, let’s get to statistics:

- 646 active installs
- 951 total installs
- 73 ratings, of which 69(!) are 5-star, 2 are 4-star and also 2 1-star, that’s unbelievable average rating of 4.86!
- average gameplay length of 144 minutes

So what now? I have to start expanding the content, people are willing to play obviously, they just don’t have enough levels.

Comparing this to Air Dance (151 total installs in first week), Dungeon Madness has to be far superior to it.

Links to some reviews (only reddit and java gaming are in english, others are in slovak):

This is truly exciting for me guys, I hope this will go on.

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Dungeon Madness Released!

Hi everybody!

Today is a big day! .. Who am I kidding, I got used to releasing apps now and also I don’t have great expectations. But yes, you can download Dungeon Madness on Android from Google Play.

So today I had to create all of the promo graphics and a preview video. I somehow did it (well, video is pretty crappy, considering I spent over 2 hours of recording footage), but better than nothing I guess. Choosing icon wasn’t so easy, so I created a list of all posible icons and then we picked one. The list:


After we had our pick, it was simple to create all necessary sizes of icon. I created this iconography showing all of the icon sizes needed:


Then, another problem was with feature graphics 1024x500, I had the picture used on website, but I wanted to add logo there. But everybody complained about logo text color after I added it, so I had to play with backgrounds, here is another list of all posibilities I created for showcase (in the end we went with 2nd one):


Last thing, this is how my screen looked like when I recorded the video. Because I was using adb screenrecord, it can only record up to 3 minutes without video. So I connected my tablet to line-in on my computer and recorded audio separately:


So I try to post here some updates how downloads are going.

See ya till then!

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Wow! I’m turning 19 tomorrow

Just a quick update, I’m turning 19 tomorrow. What has been the past year for me? Quite interesting, I have to say. I released Air Dance, learned how to drive a car and placed 2nd in SPONGIA game competetion with Dungeon Madness.

Also, these years of learning how to code, ditching friends in favor of creating games has finally brought it’s fruits. In 6 months I already earned more than 19$! I know. Unbelievable!image

Well, still better than nothing right?

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Nah, I’m not dead

I decided maybe there was time to give some updates after more than 5 months of inactivity on this blog. During previous months, I haven’t upgraded Meteorites or Air Dance by much, but rather started working on additional game project. It is not finished yet (nor I want to show it yet) because of a competition called SPONGIA (in Slovakia). The target of the competition is to create playable game in 17 days. We managed to do so pretty nicely, I dare to say. The game is called Dungeon Madness and it can be found at website We (me + pixel artist + level designer/sounds) placed 2nd, last year we were 1st, but I guess it’s not that bad for our second and last try (we are leaving high school this year).

So what next? My goal is to finish Dungeon Madness for Android and release it. Screenshot:

As last thing, just some numbers from Air Dance (6 months out if I’m correct):

- 811 (+397) active installs (currently installed on device)
- 5,477 (+4399) total installs
- 49 (+22) ratings of average score 4.53 (-0.25)

Also, Amazon store is pretty useless, at least for me, so I’m giving up on it. I have 31 installs within those 4 months it’s there. Because LibGDX now supports iOS, I could make Meteorites and Air Dance on iOS. However, I need mac and 100$ licence for Apple store (that won’t be happening so soon I guess).

That’s all for now, hopefully I get back to this blog soon.

posted 4 months ago

Amazon store

So I decided it’s time to expand. I submitted Air Dance to Amazon app store and today got approved. So you can download the game on Kindle Fire tablets now.

Here’s the link:

posted 9 months ago

Air Dance Facebook page

So I’ve decided it’s time for Facebook fan page, here’s the link (don’t forget to like!):

See ya!

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First month out


so this is the last weekly statistics update. Hopefully. Anyway, I had an amazing review on mojandroid (it’s again in slovak language) and it got me these last two days pretty nice boost in downloads. Here’s the link:

- 414 (+168) active installs (currently installed on device)
- 1,048 (+455) total installs
- 27 (+4) ratings of average score 4.78 (+0.00)
- 1,136 (+387) sessions
- 4,270 (+1209) games played
- average score per game earned is 2422 (-513)
- average distance per game is 686 (-159) meters
- 3.10 average level reached
- 22,317,362 coins earned from the publish of the application
- 20,241,000 coins spent from the publish of the application

That’d be all! I’ll be back on next month/or when something interesting happens

posted 10 months ago